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Cliona Harmey

Great South Wall


Cliona Harmey is interested in the histories, artifacts and hybrid forms of technology. Her work often combines sculpture and live data feeds. Her work reflects on histories of communication systems from shipping to flags and signals. In 2015 she made ‘Dublin Ships’, a temporary public artwork through which the names of the most recently arrived and departed ships from Dublin Port were screened onto two large screens sited at the Scherzer Bridges beside the Samuel Beckett Bridge. Other recent work includes ‘Block and Receive’ at Butler Gallery with a work made using morse code and an Aldis Lamp which was facilitated by the Irish Navy at Hawlbowline, Cobh. She works as lecturer at NCAD, and is part of OMG an artists research group based at Connect, TCD.

Cliona Harmey Poolbeg Lighthouse

port | river | city

Cliona will stream live footage at specific times from the interior of Poolbeg Lighthouse, offering the public the chance, for a limited time, to experience a view that is ordinarily out of reach. This moving image work also lays bare the sophisticated technology of lighthouse mechanisms and foregrounds the network of which they form part, a precursor to the systems integral to more contemporary internet technologies.