Verticality of cranes & a beep beep beep beat—
the A1 Waste Disposal truck backs up to a skip.
They’re building a checkerboard building—not a tower—
quite lovely, really it is all quite lovely, Marvin windows
dangle mid-air, pendants on a necklace.
They landscaped red poles with no use but to tilt
skew & rhyme with Height For Hire cranes
leaning toward a future or past depending on where
you place yourself.
               Growl of revving concrete mixer
of angle grinder, airplane and footfall.
High-vis green on aloft workers dotting scaffolds
on the sail of a windsurfer knifing canal water
on the vest of one person holding a paper-cupped latté:

               Cigarette break.

We are eating antipasti at enotecas
in Italian weather after that piss-poor summer
ensnared in a mesmer of shadows cast by offce workers
rhythm of form that moves as on film and folds
in grey bars over curbs & benches urban
planners placed for our enjoyment
during the boom & after the boom.

Dear Architect Designing in an Apex Age:
We do admire your ideas of fenestration whether
we come out of this on our feet or not.