20, 21, 22 September 2017

Dublin Docklands Dublin City Council building, Custom House Quay View map

Vanessa Daws


Vanessa Daws’ installation at Dublin Docklands, Dublin City Council Building, Custom House Quay


Vanessa Daws’ art practice explores place through swimming and for port | river | city she has created a new multi-screen Liffey-based work. Over three nights Daws’ work will be back-projected onto the street-level windows of the Dublin Docklands Dublin City Council building on Custom House Quay.

From years of swimming in the River Liffey with the Dublin swimming community, Vanessa’s film work is an exploration of the city and river through the half submerged eyes of a swimmer. To swim in the River Liffey, to immerse oneself in its waters and view the city from this tranquil other space, cut off from terrestrial hustle and bustle is a special place to be in and one that all swimmers deeply appreciate.