17 September 2017 | 14:00 - 17:00 | 18:00 - 20.30

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Cliona Harmey, Fiona McDonald, Dan Shipsides, Pat Collins & Sharon Whooley and PV. Garrett

No booking required Please see below for Health & Safety information

Featuring work by artists Cliona Harmey, Dan Shipsides, Fiona McDonald, Pat Collins & Sharon Woolley and PV. Garrett


A day-long event along the Great South Wall will take place on Sunday September 17th. Focusing on the moving image, this event features work by artists Cliona Harmey, Dan Shipsides, Fiona McDonald, Pat Collins & Sharon Woolley and PV. Garrett. With three primary sites of engagement there will be a particular focus here on the lighthouse as a projection device, a device of networked communication that predates but also seems to anticipate both cinema and the world of networked communication we now inhabit.

Cliona Harmey, Endpoint

Cliona Harmey’s Endpoint, made especially for port | river | city, comprises live footage from the interior of Poolbeg Lighthouse, offering the public the chance, for a limited time, to experience a view that is ordinarily out of reach. This moving image work also lays bare the sophisticated technology of lighthouse mechanisms and foregrounds the network of which they form part, a precursor to the systems integral to more contemporary internet technologies.

Kish Lighthouse IFI Irish Film Archive programme

A short archival programme from the IFI Irish Film archive illustrating moments in the history of the Kish Lightship and the Kish Lighthouse will screen at the Half Moon Swimming Club on the Great South Wall from 14:00-17:00 and 18:00-20:00 on Sunday September 17th 2017. For more details see here

Fiona McDonald, Image Projection Support Structure

Designed and built by artist and architect Fiona McDonald for port | river | city, Image Projection Support Structure was made from materials that were imported through Dublin port and are generally associated with shipping and transportation. The bright colour of the truck tarpaulin makes Image Projection Support Structure visible from a distance while its form and scale allows for an intimate encounter with the projected image within a confined space. Showing inside Fiona McDonald’s Image Projection Support Structure on Sunday September 17th is Pat Collins & Sharon Whooley’s Fathom (2013), a non-narrative, meditative film on isolation and thinking framed by the Fastnet Lighthouse off the South West coast of Ireland.
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Dan Shipsides, T5 Field Cinema

A core feature of port | river | city is Dan Shipsides’ mobile T5 Field Cinema. Designed to bring artist and experimental moving image works to remote locations, this mobile cinema uses a converted T5 generation VW van to screen works selected to respond to or inform the environment in which they are shown. T5 will pull up to two different locations on two dates over the course of the project to screen two custom-made programmes – including Dan’s own new film work – hopefully drawing attention from an audience made up of both the curious onlooker and the avid spectator.

Great South Wall, Sunday September 17th 19:00
Works by Hugh Watt, Allan Hughes, Cliona Harmey, Lis Rhodes, Vanessa Daws, Seamus Harahan and Dan Shipsides will screen on September 17th

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Important: Health & Safety

  • Parking in the area is limited so we encourage people to walk or cycle to the Great South Wall if possible instead of driving.
  • No access to the interior of Poolbeg Lighthouse will be available.
  • The Great South Wall is not a smooth surface, there are many trip hazards and it can be slippery and difficult to walk on. Please wear suitable, flat footwear and bring a raincoat. Please be aware that The Great South Wall is a very exposed area so it can get very wet and windy.
  • There are no toilets on site.
  • This is not a ticketed event but each element of the event only caters to very small numbers at a time. Please be advised that there may be queues or a waiting time to see some of the elements of the project.